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Federalistes d’Esquerres (Left Wing Federalists) has its origin in September 2012, when a group of citizens perceived the need to open a federalist space in Catalonia as a reaction to the political scenario resulting from the “Diada” and the call of a snap election.

Thus was born the “Call for a Leftist and federal Catalonia”, a manifesto that in a few days was signed by more tan 2600 people, and that was presented in a crowded event at Teatre Goya in Barcelona.

This document expressed the concern of the dead end that represents the soveireignist option and the need of a social and pro-European alternative to the crisis.

Under the umbrella of a second document, “Catalonia without borders”, “Federalistes d’Esquerres” was born on July 2013 being formally introduced in front of the civil society in an event that took place in the Ateneu Barcelonès on September 25th of 2013.

What do we want?

A reform of the Spanish Constitution that makes it possible to develop a federal system around the principles of cooperation, institutional loyalty and solidarity among the peoples of Spain.

A regeneration of the political and institutional model, making it more democratic and participative. And respectful of the self-government of the units and of the diversity of nationalities in Spain.

Progress in the construction of a borderless Europe, which becomes federal, fairer and with more solidarity. Only a common effort will make it possible to consolidate democracy and peace in our continent.

Why are we federalist?

  • Because our federal approach is consistent with our principles of freedom, equality, justice, solidarity and fraternity.
  • Because our federalist approach fits the world where we live, characterized by increasing interdependencies and shared sovereignty.
  • Because we believe that different identities do not justify neither erecting barriers nor borders between citizens. We can share the same state when this is organized in a federal way.
  • Because the solution to the problems of living together can and must be found through dialogue, negotiation and agreement, and federalism is dialogue, negotiation and agreement.
  • Because we are not secessionist. We believe that secession would be highly damaging for Catalonia, for Spain and for European integration.
  • Because we reject the recentralization initiated by the Popular Party and by other state institutions, which threatens the autonomic model and pretends to take Spain to the past.


These are the members of our board:

  • President: Joan Botella

  • Vicepresident: Mireia Esteva

  • Vicepresident: Antonio Sitges-Serra

  • Vicepresident: Francesc Trillas

  • Vicepresident: Carme Valls-Llobet

  • Secretary: Daniel Inglada

  • Treasurer: Manel Ballarín

  • Voting board members (honor): Victòria Camps, Manuel Cruz, Laura Freixas, Carlos Jiménez Villarejo

  • Voting board members: Beatriz Silva, Francesc Arroyo, Siscu Baiges, Cristina Simó, Xavier Roig, Salva Redón, Anna Estany, Josep Lluís Salazar, Montse Olivan, Teresa Barbany, Silvia López Valentín, Neri Daurella, Mª Luz García, Tomás Jiménez, Josep Sampera, Alfonso López Borgoñoz, Andreu Sierro, Santiago Vallejo

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    What do we do?

    We organize activities and make proposals to promote the values of federalism and democracy. We are networked with federalist groups inside and outside Catalonia and we actively participate in the dissemination of the federal debate in the media and across civil society.